Our privacy policy is simple.

We do not rent, sell, provide or share your personal information with any other organizations or individuals, period. All information that you provide to us is kept completely confidential, no matter how or why you may provide it, (subscribing, ordering, etc.). It is used only for the purpose's that you have intended.

Our support staff or any employee's with specific and relevant work duties may access customer contact information only to perform their duties. Any privacy violation and they may be subject to termination.

We promise never to provide any information about our subscribers and customers to any third party, except of course in the rare and unusual event that we should be required to do so by law.

We use cookies, but only to track the behaviour of groups of users visiting our Web site. This is done to better serve our daily visitors. We do not track individual usage, nor do we tie the cookie to any personal information that you provide us. In other words, your visit to our website is entirely private and anonymous. And that is exactly the way it should be.



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